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Plastic Pallet FAQ's

The standard pallet size is 48 by 40 inches.

The wholesale industry specifies the dimension for this size to eliminate confusion in bulk shipments, bringing efficiency in shipping practices to an all-time high. It has made food distribution and storage much easier to manage, but it can make loading and unloading a cumbersome process when handled by hand or with smaller machinery. There are many ways through which the process can be simplified; one way includes using bigger machines that handle both dimensions of the customary pallet at once, saving time, and conserving energy (not to mention money).

Plastic is now an affordable and advantageous material to use for a variety of purposes, including storage. In fact, it’s often cheaper to buy a plastic pallet because the raw materials are cheaper.

Today’s injection-molded plastics can be made from recycled plastics that have been pre-stripped of any possible custom finishes or contaminants prior to being repurposed into new items. Processed plastic moves from a wide variety of locations where it is collected – places such as large buildings, dumpsites, and landfills might be prime sources.”

Depends on the weight, but typically yes. A standard 1×1 pallet has a load capacity of 551 lbs to 661 lbs, making it an affordable option for moving light, but bulky items that are not very fragile. They also offer advantages in inventory management and shipment tracking because they can be identified individually by their barcode numbers.

Plastic pallets are called light-duty polyethylene or High-Density Polyethylene Pallets (HDPE).

The different types of plastic used in the production process include low-density polyethylene and high-density polyethylene. Pallets will be lighter when molded from this material than when molded from wood and given a sturdy, rigid construction.

A GMA pallet is a pallet that meets the guidelines for Global Material Average (GMA) requirements. In other words, it must conform to international standards for dimensions and weight capacity.

The life of a plastic pallet depends heavily on how often it is used, what kind of materials are being loaded onto the pallet, and the environmental conditions. There is also a significant difference between manually hand-pushed carts vs motorized equipment in use. In either circumstance, if the pressure exerted to push or pull an item exceeds a certain threshold.

A pallet is a horizontal platform used for supporting goods, equipment, and people. Pallets can be made of wood or plastic and offer low-cost “labor-saving devices” that keep handling costs down and improve efficiency.
A simple rule of thumb is to choose the right size pallet for the product being supported, as this will decrease the likelihood of damage during transport.
Pallets are most often used in open areas such as loading docks where bulk material handling systems use them as load-carrying units to move materials from point A to point B.

Pallets are made of plastic. The most common type is called HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene, which can withstand corrosion and chemicals found in the environment. They are typically colored black so they won’t reflect light at night, which will keep warehouses cooler.

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