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All There Is To Know About Plastic Pallets & Weight Capacity

Plastic Pallet Weight Capacity Terminology

Plastic Pallet Static Load Capacity

Static capacity is the maximum amount of weight that a pallet can hold without collapsing. This term is used in the pallet industry to refer to the maximum static load that a pallet can support. The static weight capacity of a plastic pallet is usually determined by the thickness and strength of the pallet’s deck or top surface. A thicker and stronger deck can support more weight without collapsing.

Plastic pallets are often used in static applications, such as storage or transportation of goods, where the pallet is not being moved around and the weight is static. When it comes to static capacity, plastic pallets are a better option than wood pallets because they are stronger and can hold more weight without collapsing.

Plastic Pallet Dynamic Load Capacity

Dynamic capacity is the maximum weight that a pallet can hold when it is used in a dynamic application. This means that the pallet is being moved around and is not sitting stationary. The dynamic weight capacity is important to consider when choosing a pallet because it determines how much weight the pallet can hold without breaking. Plastic pallets have a higher dynamic capacity than wooden pallets, which makes them a better choice for dynamic applications.

Plastic Pallet Racking Load Capacity

Racking capacity is an important factor to consider when choosing a plastic pallet. It refers to the maximum weight that the pallet can hold while in storage. When the racking capacity is exceeded, the pallet may become unstable and could cause damage to the racks or products being stored. Make sure to choose a pallet with a racking weight capacity that matches your needs to ensure safety and stability.

When it comes to racking capacity, plastic pallets have a major advantage over wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are often only able to hold a maximum weight of 500 pounds, while plastic pallets can hold up to 2,000 pounds or more. This makes them a better option for heavier items or products that need to be stored on racks.

Choosing the right racking capacity is important for safety and stability. Make sure to consider your needs and choose a pallet that will accommodate them. With the right plastic pallet, you can rest assured that your products are safe and secure.

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